Job Seeker?

Are you looking for a job and still wondering how to select the best job that match your needs? Do you wonder if you have made a good CV and how to write a good motivation letter? How would you manage the interview to increase your chance to nearly 100%?

Getting a good job is really hard. The recruiters are far more demanding now than a decade ago. It is not just your hard skills anymore. You need to have a lot of soft skills as well. Many people miss a lot (and sometimes all) interviews and realise it rather late that they are doing it wrong. If you are invited for an interview, your chance is high. So you must make sure that you maximise your performance better than anyone else.  


If you have been invited to a few interview and get a rejection, it is time to take an action. Niushah offers you a good deal. Job-seeker package is designed for you. The package contains the following

  • Define your job profile
  • Improve your CV and cover letter that you stand out and seen by recruiter.
  • Check every application that you submit!
  • Prepare you for your interview!
  • Networking: Niushah is known by many companies and she has a great network. You will benefit from that network exclusively.

The first session is 100% free of chargeContact and plan a meeting to see how we meet your expectations.

Head Hunting

Finding the right qualified employee who is a good match for the vacancies is not a trivial work. If your company is looking for the talents who can fill in the vacancies and they should have a best performance, you are in a right place. Because the core competency of the Niushah is training and coaching and also we have many years of experience as manager and engineer, we know exactly what you are looking for. Also there are a great network of people who come to Nushah for helping to find a good job, we can easily find and propose you a good talent. 


Finding the talent is not all and it is not certainly the end of story. For at least a year we will keep tracking of performance of the referred employee and when needed the person will be coached free of charge for your company, once every quarter.

Talent acquisition & On-boarding (Attract Expats)

If your company is looking for a long-term solution in finding the qualified talents and experts, then you are not talking about recruitment anymore. To be prepare for the future competition you need best of the bests wherever they come from. That is why there are so many expats nowadays. In Eindhoven area, there are about 64000 (29.5% of population) are expat.

Those talents might be performing perfect at their homeland, yet being a good performer in another culture and country is a different story. Therefore, on-boarding of expats become important. It is important for both of the employee and employer to learn about each other's cultures. That is the key to success. Niushah has this experience and we would like to help companies in talent acquisition as well as on-boarding. 

Career Coaching

In the modern society, soft skills are as important as your hard skills. When you have a new idea, you need to be able to communicate and present it. Communication is not simply talking through your idea, but it is rather making sure that there is understanding. In this ear, the number of new ideas created are drastically increasing and the competition is harder than ever. Still, you want to stand out of the crowd to be seen. It is your soft skills that makes you outstanding. So the soft skills become more and more important than before. 

The other side of the story is time. While every one else is advancing in something, you will soon fall behind. If you don't take any action now, you will miss all the opportunities. The important question for you is how to stand out and the answer is in your soft skills.  

The role of a coach is to guide you in this traject to be the best of yourself. A coach will find your abilities and motivations and helps you to put them together and manage it. Bellow are a number cases that you might have experienced in the past and you would like to have a control there:

  • Self-confidence
  • How to influence without power
  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Be decisive and assertive
  • Control stress at workplace

If there are anything that you would work on and need any support just send and email.


Group training is the best way to learn a new subject. You learn not only from the trainer but also from the experiences of each participants. Some of the trainings are

  • Effective communication techniques (considering cultural diversities)
  • Influencing without power (when you have or need no authority) 
  • Self-confidence (do things that you have not done before)
  • Cultural diversity (awareness)
  • Time management (generation 5)
  • Risk management
  • Effective meeting management

Please contact us and let us know what are your challenges at your company. We will check your situation and offer our solution.