Christ Schippers

Helping people to be successful in their working environment and business.
This is what Christ Schippers does.

Internationalisation in working environment is speeding up. The importance of good communication to be productive and successful has never been more clearly.

Christ is an experienced Director and Manager who has decided, after founding and building his own company, to follow his heart, energy and talents. He puts his management experience, plus an enormous experience as trainer, coach and trusted advisor, in the service for others. He has worked in change-management in an international environment of a large Dutch bank. The change management concerned the financial services of financing all kinds of businesses. Part of decision making were analysis of the business. Attention went always to a financial analysis and business-analysis. Christ noticed that a very important (often even deciding part) determining factor for succes of business was the succes of communicating and collaborating within a business.

Now in our very fast changing world with a great deal of opportunities, working as an international has become a critical factor for succes. Not only employees of other nationalities and cultures will have to adapt to work as an international. ALSO the national employee AND THEIR MANAGEMENT will have to think and work as an international. Therefore, Christ will mirror them to build a good and solid human resource development policy with which success can be achieved.

As a very good listener, empathic and constructive critic, Christ will help you be more successful.