Cover letter: Why and What

I see a common mistakes over and over about job applications. In most surveys writing a cover letter the second difficult part of an application where interview ranks number one. Still people under estimate the importance and impact of a good letter on their chances to get a job. I hope this article changes their view.

Feels excluded? How to fix it easily!

In this video you see how easily a feeling is created even though it is not meant. It is very easy to find and fix it.  


Stressed at workplace? You can absolutely control it. Here is how.

Stress at workplace is one of the most common issues specially in fast growing and competitive companies. Stress is a state of mind and we can absolutely control it. In this article you find how to do it. Of course, a coach can always help you better. Never stay in stressful situation and ask for help if you cannot control it by yourself. 


Hosting cultural events

Every month, I host a cultural awareness event at the Hub Eindhoven. It is where international people join to exchange their experiences and also learn how to perform better in the work place.

Why should you be visible at workplace? And how

Visibility at workplace is an advantage that you can use in your favour. People with a higher visibility to their superior has a better chance of getting a promotion to a higher job position, a good end-of-the-year evaluation, more recognition and simply better increase in their salary.

Why a certain emotion appears in a situation, and we don't know why?

Often we get an emotion about something which we don't know where it comes from. Those emotions can be of a good or bad feelings. Sometimes, they can also make a tough time for us.

Academia or Industry, which one is the correct choice and why?

If you question yourself whether you should stay in academia or move on to industry, this article helps you to make a better decision.