Niushah coaching and consulting

Career Coaching

  • Are you looking for a new job and need a professional advise?
  • Are you wondering if you make the right choices in your career? What choices make you happier?
  • Do you have a tough micro-manager or a tough colleague?
  • Have you ever been confronted with a situation at your office and you wondered how to handle it?
  • Are you changing a job, project or team and you wonder how you can start successfully and grow quickly?

Don't sit too long wondering what to do! This is where a career coach can help you solving your problem. 

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Life Coaching

  • Do you need a drastic change in your life? Because you think you stuck too long in a situation.
  • Do you want to be happyer and more energetic
  • Do you feel stressed/anxious and wish to be more confident?
  • Have you been long in an unpleasant situation?
  • Do you wish to change your life conditions in no time?

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Creative thinking inspires great ideas, and decisions change your life. Start it now!

Leadership Coaching

  • How do you manage your relationship and maximise your influences with your employee, client and supplier specially those from other cultures?
  • How improve the engagement and performances of your team?

By knowing how to manage it:

  • Your employee would perform better and more engaged. The will be happier with more energy.
  • Your suppliers do their best to solve your problems.
  • Your client will be the most satisfied and will repurchase.

What makes Niushah different is the first hand real-life experiences (including cultural diversities) in all those areas of above.

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Maximise performance and engagement!

Think International

Fast growing market and global competition leaves no room for mistakes.

  • You want the best performing and knowledgable people. 
  • You want to have supplier/client from other countries.
  • How to access the right talent from around the glob?
  • Is it guarantee that they perform as good as in their homeland?
  • Do you have difficulties in managing a multi-cultural team?
  • How would you on-boar and integrate a new talent?

Read further about talent acquisition and on-boarding.

Think global!