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In this fast growing business and market, we cannot do all by ourself and still move with the speed of the world. Every year there are new things that we have to learn to keep up with the market. If we don't, we will be soon out of the business. So many large businesses disappeared in last decade just because they did not adapt quick enough to the market trend, such as Kodak and Nokia. 

The other aspect of the new market is the huge demand for the talent acquisition. People are more mobile these days to move to another country or continent. However, the culture cannot be adapted as fast as they move. As the result, there are so many Expats in the world, but not all could be successful. Therefore, integration and on-boarding into a new country and company culture is one of the most crucial topic for both expats and international companies.

Niushah is a consulting and coaching company which is exclusively focused on the above topics. The exclusive and successful experiences at Niushah is the answer to your needs as company or expat, whoever deals with international careers. To learn more please continue reading below.


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Niushah for International companies

Growing market and global competition leaves not much room for mistakes. We want the best performing and knowledgable people. One of the challenges of this new market is how to access the right talent from around the glob. Even if you find them it is not guaranty that they perform as well as the performed in their homeland. You still have to on-board them and integrate into your company. Niushah has first hand experience in this area. If you have international employees or you are in plan to start acquiring them, we can help you to do it. Read further about talent acquisition and on-boarding.

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Niushah for Expats

One of the specialty and greatest advantage of Niushah is the knowledge of cultural diversity. We might be performing excellent in our homeland, but performing well in another country is a different story. Knowing how it works in different culture is the key to integrate in the new country and company as well as the key to your growth in your new position. It is very crucial for you specially if you are ambitious and want to grow further in different skills such as leadership. Niushah has this experience in its core. To read more articles visit Niushah at LinkeIn.

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Niushah for Managers

Are you a manager who has employee, suppliers or clients from other countries? It is of extreme importance for you to know how to do it effectively. If you know it, you will make a different level of relationship with your employee, client and supplier which is more influencing. This will all be of your benefit and advantages. Your employee would perform better and is happier with more energy. Your suppliers do their best to supply you the best and your client will be the most satisfied and repurchase. All in all, your business will rock. What makes Niushah different is the first hand real-life experiences with cultural diversities in all those areas of colleagues, supplier and customer, not just the theory but in real life practice. We will be happy to come to your company and tailor-make where and how you can improve in those criteria and how implement this change throughout your company. To know what we can do for you just contact Niushah.

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